Sunday, November 2, 2014

Featured on Aeolidia Blog - Making Time for Business Development

There are very few blogs that I follow on a regular basis.  Mainly because I just don't have the time.  But there are a couple that I follow on a regular basis.  One of these is the blog of Aeolidia.  It is a graphic and web design company that I greatly admire.  

This wonderful company, lead by Arianne Foulks, recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary and as a result had a daily contest for an entire week. I decided to enter the "Best Next Step Giveaway" contest in which I answered a couple of questions about my business and in return I could win the answers.  And wouldn't you know it I was one of the winners!  You can read about my questions and Arianne's answers on the blog here.  I learned a lot from Arianne's answers.  I think her best advice to me was to make a list of all of my business tasks and break them into more manageable chunks.  Chip away at them as best I can (when I have the time) and eventually I will be able to move forward with my business even if it's slowly.